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The Opinions in this here Piece are by no means right,and,neither are they wrong.They are just Opinions about ‘Opinions’.In my Opinion you can’t say an Opinion is right nor can you say it’s wrong,but you can give them any other adjectives;honest,weak,strong,good,bad,funny,serious,stupid,etcetera etcetera. Stupid Opinions are my personal favourite though,they make me laugh so damn Hard!You know that laugh that makes you embarrass yourself? That one!

Moving on.This Opinions aren’t mine alone by the way,they are the subject and content of an ongoing debate amongst the Voices in my head I thought I’d share with you guys.So do not dare hold me wholly responsible for the views expressed here.They are to blame.Okay?…Okay!

I think Opinions are the thoughts and views you express about a certain subject.What you feel and/or think about something.So by extension,opinions are projections of who you are.I’d like to think they can be likened to clad,you know,coz they form impressions and create certain perceptions in other people’s minds.I mean,tell a Breaking Bad fan that you think it’s boring and your risk losing his respect and maybe even friendship.Tell your Bros that you don’t mind Gay guys and your Bros become instant ‘Distant Cousins’.The Wolfpack is not disbanded but you will never know about their plots anymore.You become a Lone Wolf,by default.It’s that serious yo!Express such opinions and your playing Hangman with your reputation,you gotta be careful.If you are unsure about how your opinion will be received,discretion is your best friend.Play Mime and keep Mum dummy!But in the case you already said Crap,Act a Fool!Let ‘em know you was just messing…Some Opinions are like armpits,they stink to the high heavens.Some ‘Deo ‘ would do you good,don’t you think?…Always say less than necessary!

Well, I,on the other hand, think one should be allowed to freely express what they feel or think about something and have the right to defend him or herself without the fear of judgment or criticism.I mean its only fair to.But do so only if your I.Q is above a certain level,otherwise, your Opinion doesn’t really count.Coz if your opinion isn’t Strong enough you’d rather not open your mouth.So if you are 100% sure your Opinion is worth mentioning,standing up and dieing for,will you allow the noise that is other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice?That inner voice that you so trust?That angel,not that misleading demon that lies to you.Most people are incapable of forming their own opinions coz of fear of judgement and criticism so they conform,like a flag they bend to the wind that is other people’s opinions,other people’s ideologies and ideas,other peoples way of life.Ain’t half of us Clones already?Drones already?…Don’t sing along to other people’s songs,write your own.Its already bad enough that you won’t know all the words!

So…What side you on?Which do you think is the “correct” mindset?…One?Both?None?…#jstthinkaboutit!#


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