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This,i think,is a pathetic fail at trying to be a Philosopher.A Plato of some sorts.A wannabe Socrates.But hey what do i have to loose?

Ahem.*Clears throat*

When you least expect them,when your guard is down,those rare moments sneak up on you like a thief upon the night.You know,those moments when everything around you seems to be but a dull wave to life’s tumultuous ocean?When the music in your ears is barely audible?When you can’t seem to comprehend what that Nigga next to you is yapping about?And everything seems to be happening in the peripheral.A blur.Like your in some kind of suspended animation.Floating.Not controlling your movements,rather they unfold in a series.A routine.Your barely conscious of your own movements.You know those moments?…I bet you do.

So maybe its because your thinking,maybe the little hamster upstairs is running his wheel  like crazy,the cogs and wheels seems to be moving (For Once!)…Your lost deep within your own thoughts and you cant remember the last time your concentration went unbroken for this long.Okay,maybe that time you were pretty sad at that funeral and regret ate you up inside out,ama when you were indebted,dead broke and penniless,your pockets crying out in desperation ama when ‘Heartbreak’ came knocking on your bedroom door one night and couldn’t let you sleep a wink?…Aren’t those some of the few times you remember thinking about one subject for more than a ‘Minute’?[for the dummy,a minute here does not mean exactly 60 seconds.]

But this time round,thats not the case.Nothing extremely bad nor extremely good has happened and yet you can’t seem to derail your train of thought.Your brain is wading in waters foreign to you.Swimming in ideas you deem genius,asking questions you know will go unanswered,throwing criticisms borne out of more spite than judgement…ati sasa unafikiria umekua Mjanja?(If only).Maybe,just maybe.Maybe you think about this things maybe you don’t.Maybe you think about them a little bit or maybe too much.Maybe you think about other things.Maybe….Am just speculating here,i wouldn’t know for sure what goes through that empty head of yours….:)

I dont have to put Imagination and Knowledge on  a see-saw to stress my point?No,I don’t think so,i think you get it quite clearly.You see,the human brain is complicated one,an average of 20,000 ideas go through your head in a day (but some,rather most, people I’ve met  really don’t have any ideas criss crossing their minds.)But my point,hooowever,is how many times do you chill and meditate (i don’t mean crossing your legs on a mat,deep breathing sijui how many times and humming like a broken radio until you clear you mind of any thoughts…Nuh!Quite the contrary).How many times do you build upon a simple idea?In a day?In a week?How many times do you just stop and build castles in the air?Contemplate?Visualize?Fantasize?Daydream?Imagine?Create?…How many times do you //jstthinkaboutit?//







    Franklin Mwenda said:
    February 23, 2014 at 7:45 am

    This is way beyond awesome…
    Artisctic how you you make so serious then humourous ,
    Just *thumbs up*
    We should get you space in a mag or newspaper…
    Would love the rest of the world to read you artical ,

      alaneccentriq responded:
      February 25, 2014 at 7:20 am

      Thanks man…but am not yet good enough.Am still practicing….this is like my sketchpad.

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