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Once upon…..long ago….
Nuuuh, that’s definetely not an interesting way to begin my story.It needs more oomph, ay? More panache, more flare!!
But before I begin my story I’d like you to know something, I am not the best at my game,(im trying to be modest here…is it working?)..Anyway,I am just a guy who has a pretty good relationship with words, I am no Rumpelstilskin who can twist and turn  ordinary life events into’ Golden’ classic tales.But i wish to be one day.I am no Jesus whose parables have a different meaning to everyone.But i look upto Him.Mine? Mine is the kind of simple story that even a baby could understand.Void of jargon, gibberish and
gobbledygook…I,like Shakespeare,will not invent words where none exist in order to express my ideas,I will not chit-chat about jibber-jabber, I will go straight to the point like a hammer to a nail’s head, no no,better,like Thor’s Hammer to his palm.
Metaphors too will be avoided,I will not double-talk nor will I try to hide meanings under layers of sentences, because I want you to learn from my story, I want you to remember it,I want you to pass this story from this generation to the next, and hopefully it will live on for eternity.
I will also not use clichè words such as ‘clichè’ for clichè is one of the most clichè clichès there is.(see what I did there?? It proves how simple yet not so extremely simple am planning to get, you get? :)…)I am willing to be that basic, yet avoid being oversimple.Strike a balance, you know?! And at the same time keep my head above the waters of literary mediocrity and dip my pen into the inkwells of Genius.Avoid an extrovert’s Verbal Diarrhoea and an introvert’s Awkward Silence.
Now you know the skeleton, the sketch of my most intresting story…Now I shall begin to write it…Buut before I do…I would like to know, Is YOUR story intresting, is your story worth telling and listening to, is your story worth living through every word of it?Is the story that is your life worth breathing for?!? Well, is it?!


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