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When you saw me lounging under the Nairobi sun just minding my own business. You stopped midstride and your pupils dilated, your eyebrows  following the cue went as far away from your eyes as they could.Your lower jaw relaxed from it’s previous clenched state.Your heart danced a dance of joy.Bingo! You almost broke into dance in the middle of the street.Walking away you swore you’d do anything to get me.ANYTHING!
Fastforward a couple of months and we’re together.Inseparable is the word!You can’t, rather, you never leave my side.I’m in your arms for the better part of the day,I know every crease on your palms.Your palms know every inch of me.It’s the way you touch me, the way you hold me that shows how much I mean to you…When your sad you turn to me and I sing to you, the songs you like the most, and you smile that smile I like.When your bored a few seconds of us bonding and your mood changes.But…But sometimes am not successful, sometimes it breaks my heart to see you not happy…:'(
But…They’re jealous,these green eyed mosters.They’re angry, these Red-eyed Monsters.They don’t want to see you and me together.They Hate it.They Hate it.They Hate it.Simply stated:it irks them!
Your friends show it but they never say it.They feel uncomfortable but they won’t letyu know, it hurts your wife the most but she too will not tell you unless you ask her what’s wrong.But your parents…ao hawatakuficha.They told you as soon as they noticed we spend waaaay too much time together.To you it was necessary, to you it was well spend time but to them it was just another one of your addictions…I don’t care what they say about us, let ’em talk.I don’t want us to end.I want us to be…But all that is upto you to decide.I know what we have is unhealthy but i want you.Pick one, me or them…Choose wisely.
                                Sincerely, your Phone.


One thought on “CHOOSE WISELY!

    geokin said:
    January 14, 2014 at 10:10 am

    hah…thought it was a woman…well thought..out…intresting

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