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Lying on my back somewhere far from home, relaxed, calm, at ease.Everything is just chill…its High Noon and the Sun is merciless, Music playing in the background, Clock seems to be ticking in slow mo’…You would wish for such a situation? Wouldn’t you?
Well,not really! I’m not somewhere off the shores of Seychelles sunbathing and trying to get a tan, Nope! Not at all…I’m in the hospital being prepd for an operation, a minor surgery.They were going to tear me open like a chicken on the chopping board, I just hope I wouldn’t be awake when all this was happening…I was wrong.:/
The needle, I swear it was 2 feet or longer, plunged deep into my skin and the pain that came with it was not pleasing.After seeing how long that needle was, I decided to close my eyes till they were done ‘chinjaing’  me.
The numbness came and went with a little life from me.It spread to the surrounding areas and I lost control of that part of my body.I felt helpless.
It was time for the procedure to begin…Was I nervous?! …think of a guillotine coming down on your head but you’ll still be alive for the next 1 hour coz it’s blunt.That’s how I felt.
At such moments in time, you start thinking…thinking what if something goes wrong, a complication of sorts maybe, and you lose your life or become deformed forever?!..You start asking yourself questions.Does mum know I really love her, what about dad? And my friends too? Do they know how much they mean to me?My Girlfriend, will she move on?will she shed 1 tear and forget i ever existed?…What about my dreams, my visions, will they disappear in the mist of life?…Then slowly the Devil of regret starts creeping in.To me there’s no worse feeling than Regret.
Half an hour in and no progress, the Dr. Keeps on saying “It’s stuck!”.I friek out the more.Rivers of sweat collect around my palms as I squeeze them even harder together.He’s yanking with all his force, his pulling so HARD, I swear I could hear his biceps flex….I start shivering…I’m scared.Scared to the bone.The bone where he’s cutting and chipping and cracking and yanking at with all his God given muscles.I fear he will rip me apart…The lady whose helping him is humming along to the background music.Really?!Right Now?! Guess what song?!’Wrecking Ball‘…that’s exactly how the Dr. ‘came in’ but nothing’s happening.He’s still hammering and chipping away like a carpenter.No, a blacksmith with his’ mallet’ andmetal’ his very, very HARD metal.
My eyes are still closed but once in a while I peep with one eye at the wall clock.Time has frozen.I peep again.I see the tools on both their hands.THANK GOD for anaesthesia…I’d I’ve passed out just by the sight of those metallic thingys.
The procedure comes to an end.SIGH! Finally!…I couldn’t help but think that this is how I would look when i glanced in the mirror—>

Oh wait, I didn’t disclose what part of me was being chucked…but it’s pretty obvious…//Jstthinkaboutit//…



    geokin said:
    January 6, 2014 at 10:33 am

    quite intresting and funny would like to see more….jsthnkabtit

      alaneccentriq responded:
      January 6, 2014 at 5:10 pm

      Thank you!…I’ll be writing more.

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