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So you wanna go ahead and cohabitate with bae? It’s a good idea.Okay maybe at first it seems so but then shit gets real and when you wanna bail out there’s no easy way to do it.

Why is it a bad idea?.I haven’t tried it but I am sure I can guess why it usually doesn’t work out.

Erm lemme see, lemme see,hmmn…(I’m writing this off the top of my head so forgive my freestyleness…Ok?Thank you!)

1.Rules, Rules, Rules-Mr. says “No partying or raving if I’m not with you, OK?”…The Mrs. agrees.

Mr. says “Cook and clean and i’ll do…erm you know, the rest…”(which is usually not much)..Mrs. obliges.

Mr. says this, Mrs. agrees to it, until it gets to a point she’s suffocated.Mrs., one hand on her waist the other waving around, her neck moving from right to left like the Indian headshake, voice high pitched,will go like “Boy, I ain’t yo’ wife, you better put a ring on it before you start telling me what to do,OK?!

2.I really think it’s weird how chicks can wear dudes stuff and dudes can’t wear chicks stuff, I mean chicks can wear our vests but we can’t wear their tank tops or whatever those things are called.Mrs. will walk around in Mr’s shirt all day on Sunday then it hits him at night that he was scheduled for an interview on Monday and he only has one good shirt.Mrs.- “Oops!”(with a such a sexy smile Mr. can’t get mad at her) Wednesday afternoon and Mr. wants to go ‘shooting-in-the-gym’-“Erm bae, where are my gym shorts??”…Mrs-“I’m wearing them, and I just washed all my clad, you wanted to wear them?”..Mr. (under his breath) “Nuh, I just wanted to check if the tag is written ‘Adidas’ or ‘Adibos’!”

3.This only applies to the fortunate ones with a telly-So Mr. wants to watch a movie but Mrs. wants to watch some Soap or some Reality TV show.Okay, so they decide “Truce, let’s listen to some music instead”.Only problem is Mr. likes Hip Hop and Mrs. likes Rock.Now that means everybody with their earphones on and sadly the bonding session will have to be postponed.

I could go on forever, i could even write a book…I mean the reasons are endless,so i’d suggest you wait until your engaged or married because if you move in together before she says “I do”, be ready for WAR bro..And Oh yeah I forgot BOREDOM! It can get really boring to see the same face day in,day out for a whole month or two, right??…I bet nobody can handle that, or can you??# jstthinkaboutit!#


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