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  I get bored sometimes in class and instead of zoning out I asses and analyze (not my books ofcos)my classmates.I came to realize in any class there’s always that lass who:



        1-is a Tomboy…She cringes at the sight or even the thought of dresses,tights or skirts(unless  ni wedding ya sistake na anasimamia or it’s Sunday na Pastor atakemea yeye if she didn’t wear a dress.).She’d rather wear pants (and sag ‘em jus to look a little G) or harem pants.She prefers Ol’ Schools/Chuck Taylors to Dollshoes and Flats and considers Nike/Adidas high tops to be better than Ankle boots or Stilletos and she’d prolly rock ’em and still kill it.



        2-is a ‘Model’ –Got all the boys wagging their tongue after her


(except me ofcos,am so waaaay above that).She wears to attract attention and to prove a point..wich one exactly?…Only she knows!…She’s usually the one that will come to class ‘Fashionably Late’ and makes sure she makes an Entrance with her eye lashes batting and lip gloss shinning like she’s going to dance in a French Montana video…*shouts*(MONTANAAA!! huuuuuh!)



          3-is Plastique-I am not going to make anaa weave joke,you just know hers is so damn ugly it’s not even worthy of a joke..Her make up would make you think she fell in a pool of dough while cooking


Chapo’s in the morning and her eyebrows,as my pal lyks to put it,are ‘


Sponsored by Nike’.She Mixes and Matches and when everybody else is Colour Blocking  she’s busy Color Clashing and knows less,either way she’s a lost cause stroke case.



           4-is a Know-it-all-From what the Lec. said last Sem to what she’s about to say.She’s the one who finished her assignment before evrybody else and submitted her work thus forcing the Lec. to pick all the assignments earlier than was supposed to.She’s the one constantly answering the Lec’s questions until the end of the lesson where she decides to ask a question that unfortunately has an extreeeemely long answer or an answer that takes Hoooours to explain….Snitch!!..



            5-is an ‘Evil Queen’-and sadly always talks,rather yaps,about herself,herself and Oh yeah,Herself


!…She’d prolly give you that Syndrome..what’s it called again?..Oh yea-‘Low Self Esteem’.She shoves her achievements down your throat and makes sure you swallow yours.And if she’s not yapping about herself she’s yapping about her ‘Prince Charming in Shinning Armor’ and how much her life is so Superb!



            6-is as Easy as ABC,getit?-she wuld ‘Gerrit’ and give it up on the first night wacha ata the first date,akiwa sober,acha ata akiwa high.Winks at you every time you look her way and licks her lips .Its so funny how nowadays to get a hard to get chick is jus hard.



          7-is a Gold-


Digger-she’s the kind you don’t want to be next to when lunch time approaches or else you’ll be hiking lifts home coz she’ll promise you ‘Heaven’ and give you heaven-knows-what after you’ve spent your last coin on her.She’ll use her pretty face and seduce you with her slow sexy voice while touching you inappro..wait,I don’t think a chicks hand can do inappropriate touching,anyhu,back to the point ‘Runaway as fast as you can’ coz she’s the chick Kanye warned you about.



           8-is Crazy-the daring kind you could dare to do anything and she wouldn’t even fidget,she wouldn’t even give it a second’s thought or is it a second thought?If you ask her why she’s wild,she’ll whisper in your ear*like Kesha* “We are the


Crazy people”.Oh well,yu get my point,am on a tight schedule here.She dances on top of a table in class with a dress on and here’s the funny part-she’s sober.Now think what she can do wen she is sliiiiiightly intoxicated?…Guys, don’t overthink tho’ you have No’s 9 & 10 to read.



           9-is a Party animal-she’s the type of chick who comes to class with Big A$$ Shades (even in this winter conditions).You can guess why


!…She’s late to class like always and on Monday morning’s skives the morning lesson to Copy-Paste work that was due a coupl o’ days ago.Her phone is full of party photos which are all Instagramed on the daily or Facebooked (correction,she’s too cool for Fb).



         10-is Blonde-Daen know the difference between right and left,east and west,only place she know in tao is Lifestyle and Mr.Price.the xaxa xwiri,nimekumixx kind of chixx…ati coz it’s the in-thing…And in clas after every 2 seconds-“Ati Lec amesema?..ata simwelewi…” and it’s a HIV lesson.Tsk


!Talk about Air-heads!



Tell me am wrong but before you do…#jstthinkaboutit!#





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