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So my pal goes on a rant and says its unfair how i didn’t categorize ‘Good Gals’ in my last post coz she couldn’t find where she fits…Then i decide to write another list..so here goes:

1-The…….Aii,i’ve already lost the syk,now i know why movie sequels suck.Part 2’s never get beter than the first one.So,lemme post a Guest piece instead…

Am chilling at the Stop for a Bus and one comes but instead of getting in people start arguing about who was where and what-not,arguments that are neither here nor there,Literally.From my Bird’s Eye View (yes,i was that far behind the line) they looked like monkeys,okay  thats kinda abusive,lets say minions fighting over a Banana for kedo 10 minutes yaani hadi the Dere chucked with the Bus when it was still empty.I knew he was going home to sleep early (Lucky Bastard!)

OH SNAP!The heavens decide to bleed and like moths to a light people quickly shuffle to the shed and those guys who were behind came infront and i was pushed farther back,just my luck,ay?…and am pressed *Biting lip*.And i go like “Could this get any better??”

The Taxi-drivers with those smug faces are parked right next to the line,legs hanging out of the car,toothpicks in their mouths,and listening to Ghetto Radio as they throw this funny glances at you,you’d think thy’re eyes are twitching kumbe they are trying to seduce you with nods and winks so they can take you home…hehe,i can see how rotten your minds can get,but think about it,they really want to take you home.But going home with a taxi is breaking ‘The Suferer Code’,you will be seen as a traitor of The Following,you will be reffered to as one of ‘The Others’.

Okay,so maybe it seems i’ll watch the sun set and the darkness creep in and to avoid fainting with boredom i look at my fellow line-makers and write this piece down…Anyhu,I noticed the line could be divided into 4-The 1st quarter is Hopeful,faces jovial n smiling,counting how many people away they are from the bus,some are fidgety,almost jumping with joy.The 2nd quarter are crossing their fingers hoping that it won’t rain and a bus will come in time,they’re stealing glances at the end of the road expecting to see a Bus aproaching,and glancing at their watches as if the device could fast-forward time.The 3rd quarter are still in shock aksing themselves why they did’nt leave school/office earlier,for them a Bus coming before ‘usiku wa manane’ is a Greek Myth.The last lot is hopeless,sad,gloomy,cold…some are tense calling their swiries to come to their rescue ,others are calling but they dont have swiries with cars,thyre just calling for the ‘virtual company’ and the obvious sympathy.

So i finaly get into the bus..eery silence,everyone’s quiet,thinking of their warm beds at home or dead asleep or sitted next to a person they had elbowed so hard to get into the Bus..Then i see those Middleaged kind of businessmen talking about the corruption in this country and how much better other countries are,i cringe at the fact that almost all the facts they’re stating as they do their comparisons are sooo wrong and innacurate and have so many statistical errors…I stare into space and debate on whether to sleep,pour out the water in my boots,draw funny cute shapes on the misty windows or sing Passenger songs in my head,well,this is where i get to #jstthinkaboutit!#

                                                   By the one….the only…Shee Njenga!


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