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Exams are a funny lot…They get upside your head n mess up your whole system.Its funny how people behave during this hair-plucking,intense n tense period….


….Eat like they live for it.You know, they eat like they had been fasting the whole sem and when the Exams come they break their fast…A recent case-study->1st She pulls out Dentyne and chews for a few minutes(obviously it will make her hungry), then comes out a chocolate bar in between discussions about the next paper, 3rd Daima Yoghurt spills all over the Calculator n in the process of getting wet wipes she chucks a can of Sprite n a Croissant…n aaaall that hapens before lunch break…What will she chuck after Lunch?…Only God Knows!..n dudes too are not left out on this..for them it’s not Snacking its eating Whole Meals…around this tym those Mama’s that sell chapos n ugali smile all day long..not forgetting wasee wa ‘smokie’ pia…


…Are Stoned all day n esp. at night, ati to Transnight…Does it really work?!Am preeety skeptic bout that really…Something I noticed about ‘Stoners’ is that 81% of their conversation will be about Weed n they’ll use all synonyms of it to describe how much awesome it was n how without it they wouldn’t hav read a damn thing.And when the Kush kicks in, the Munchies follow n if a nigga is denied some food he myt bite your head off, Literally!.Then it’s back to eating like a nigga had vacationed in N.Eastern.


…Become Snobs in the name of ‘Focus’!…When you meet somewhere in the streets all (s)he says is “Yo Good?…Am in a rush siiii we’ll talk later!?”…n the txts,Woi! They go unanswered ama come back 1-worded, mostly adjectives.SAAAD!.Call someone n if it’s not ‘Mteja’ Goodluck buddy!(Yea, by now you might have correctly assumed i have a BIG problem with people who do that).This are the days kuenda Plot your minus a few guys from your Clique, if your lucky enough you’ll be two, out of a possible 10…for real tho’…

Guys, Guys, Guys…I know exams are very VEEEERY important but it daent mean you change your whole Persona coz of some Papers.I mean will you let exams control your school life n you know Papers n Qualifications don’t mean a lot nowadays.So I recommend you take a Chill Pill every end of sem n Relaaaaask!…#jstthinkaboutit!#

*Disclaimer*-I didn’t post last week not coz i had Exams…:)


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